Monday, September 1, 2014

Chicago Area Triathlon Coaching

Welcome to Multisport Mastery, Inc., a Chicago area triathlon and multisport coaching company, founded by Liz Waterstraat. 

Whether you're looking to finish your first triathlon or stand atop the podium, Multisport Mastery offers training plans and experiences designed for your unique needs.  Our athletes include beginners to world champions who are looking to bring out their best.  Through customized workouts, education and frequent communication, Coach Liz can guide you to reach your goals whatever they may be.  

Interested in learning more about Multisport Mastery coaching services?  Click HERE.

Read more about how Coach Liz started Multisport Mastery:

Fifteen years ago, I discovered the sport of triathlon.  Out of college and tired of my typical gym routine, I noticed my hometown was hosting a women's triathlon.  Inspired by a new challenge, I hired a personal trainer who helped me organize a weekly schedule to complete the race.  Three months later, I crossed the finish line of my first sprint-distance triathlon.

Since then, I've completed over a hundred multisport races from sprint to Ironman, competing at both the amateur and professional level of the sport.  Over the years, I've traveled many places, developed long lasting friendships, met my husband, started a family and launched a career.  

Interested in combining my background in education with my passion for endurance sports, coaching was a natural fit.  And so seven years ago, I started my coaching business.  Once I announced on my blog that I would start coaching, I was overwhelmed by the response. Since then, I've helped hundreds of athletes achieve their sports-related goals; from beginners looking to complete a sprint triathlon to Kona qualifiers.  As a coach, my goal has always been to not just provide athletes with an individualized training plan but to offer the support, education and motivation to bring out each athlete's very best.  

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions about coaching or triathlon.  For me, it's more than a lifestyle - it's a passion, a career and a path to personal achievement and enjoyment on many levels.  I'm happy to help whatever your needs may be.  

Contact Coach Liz:  multisportmastery @

Watch the promotional video for Tri-Mom: Swimming, Biking and Running Through Motherhood, a great read for any mother or parent striving to balance life with athletic pursuit and goals.  Coach Liz wrote 3 chapters within the book.  

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